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Leaky church hall roof

Welcome to St Mark's Church Community Centre

Roof Repair Project


Since the first building in 1974 St Mark’s Church Community Centre hall has been a resource for the entire community. The hall has received the usual running repairs, however it is now in urgent need of repair to the roof. The work which is required is fundamental to our future provision and has been recognised by our user groups in our consultation process as well as our architect. Our Architect Mr John Creasey has identified the full scope of works which are required to bring the roof up to an acceptable standard and there is much to do.

On the sides of the hall roof we will need to remove at least a metre of tiles and replace the felt which has rotted. Leaking and broken fascia boards will need to be replaced and leaking skylights will also require replacement.

In 2015 the church raised over £3,000 from our own fundraising for repairs to the highest roof point, where water was frequently entering the building. A major part of the cost was the provision of the scaffolding required to reach the damaged areas.

We now need to make roof repairs to prevent any more rain water damage to our centre. Work will concentrate on the two oldest parts of the building, beginning on the first hall which was built in 1974

Rotten roof timberDownload a copy of our roof repair project

High level fascia boards are allowing penetration of rainwater and require treatment and access will require scaffolding across large sections of roof

Close inspection reveals areas of rotten wood which will require treatment or replacement

This section of roof will require the tiles along the entire length to be removed as the roofing felt has rotted away leaving water to seep into the roof

On the inside of the original hall, towels are occasionally need to soak up the incoming rainwater.

Roof repair

We have undertaken maintenance of the roof as determined by quinquennial inspections and last year we raised enough money to start some of the work. This photograph shows how three rows of tiles have been removed and replaced. New lead and felt have been introduced were decay of the old felt has taken place. Water damage inside the building was made good and we have been dry in this part of the building since.

Scaffolding was erected to gain access to these fascia boards which were replaced with a plastic product which will require no ongoing maintenance or costly access arrangements.