St Mark, winged lion of the Evangelist
St Mark's Church Community Centre, Bedford
A Christian Church where you will find a welcome whoever you are. Sunday worship is 9.30am with Sunday School and creche. We also provide a community centre open each day from 8.00am until late, welcoming over 60 community groups and charities based at our centre. 
St Mark's Church, Diocese of St Albans, part of the worldwide Anglican Church
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St Mark's Church Community Centre

Welcome to St Mark's Church Community Centre
St Mark’s Church Community Centre will be a foundation and resource for the positive development and growth of the individual and community life. We will work alongside all groups within the community, ensuring a welcoming and safe environment where all individuals are valued, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, appearance or marital status.

When the first church building was finished in 1977 the altar table was made less than the width of a doorway so that it could be stored away and the church could be used by the local community for the rest of the week. That principle of welcoming the community into our premises has continued ever since Every day there are a wide variety of activities taking place as St Mark’s as we seek to serve our comuity and all who come to St Mark’throughout the week.

St Mark’s Church Community Centre opens at 8.00am every morning and we close late into the evening. Usually the last group finishes and turns off the lights about 10.00pm. The Centre office is run by volunteers everyday from 9.00am to 5.00pm, but all of user groups have their own keys and so the last one switches off the lights and locks up. There are ten different halls or meeting rooms and so there are normally many different things going on at the same time. Our policy is to make our facilities as widely available as possible without discrimination. Having multiple simultaneous occupancy keeps the premises full and enables us to keep our charges to the absolute minimum, a bit like a low cost airline. 

We are home to over 60 community groups and charities and we operate thanks to a dedicated team of over 130 volunteers each week. St Mark’s Church Community Centre benefits from an extraordinary level of voluntary commitment and we are well respected in the local and wider community. Our premises are well cared for and provide a safe, attractive and welcoming environment for over 3,000 who come through our doors every week. 

Charities and Community Groups based at St Mark’s Church Community Centre 

Bakers Barn Art Group, Pilates, Chat & Make. Babies and toddlers 0-5. Crafts, toys, songs, story etc., Brownies, Rangers, Guide groups, Sugarcraft Guild St Mark’s, Cancer Care Society, Laughter Club 
Whist Drive, No Fear Bridge Club, Slimming World, Cinema Group, Community Choir, Photography Group, Mother Teresa Women’s Support Group, Tuesday Afternoon Housegroup, Supple Strength Yoga, Hearts in Beds Heart Surgery patients support group, Gardening Group, Card Craft Making, Social Bridge Club, Messy Church for families, Bunyan Bridge, Open Youth, Women’s Support Group 
Tudor Reeds Folk Dance Club, Bedford Wine and Social Club, Move it or Lose It Keep fit group, Chat and Play A term time group for Mums & toddlers.0-5, Storybox . For the under 5’s and their carers 
Indoor Games for grown ups, Bedford Art Society, Social Care Solutions Music & Movement, Weightwatchers Claire Martin, Supple Strength Yoga, Singing for Fun, Bedford Embroiderers’ Guild,
Magpies Ladies Group, Brickhill Ladies Group, Bedford Writers Circle, Poetry & Literature Group, Meditation Group, Bedford Astrology Club, Theatretrain Dancing acting, singing for young people 
Bedford Stamp Fayre, Brickhill Parish Council, Open House (Learning Disabilities)

What's Currently Happening at St Mark's Church Community Centre

8.00am-5.30pm Pre-school Mon-Fri St Mark’s 
8.00am-5.30pm Top Marks Mon-Fri St Mark’s 
Manager Mrs. Helen Harpin 312634 
(See website for more details) 
9.00am-12noon St Mark’s Pre-School Nursery
Manager Mrs. Helen Harpin 312634 
10.00am Bakers Barn Art Group. Mrs M. Berry 211955
9.45am - 10.45am &11.00am-12noon Pilates Liz Mason 07816522200
1.30pm Chat & Make. Term time for babies and toddlers 0-5. Crafts, toys, songs, story and refreshments £1. More details contact St Mark’s Church Office on 01234 342613 or Janine 01234 297481 
6.00pm Brownies Mrs C Mathew 826190
7.30pm Sugarcraft Guild St Mark’s (1st week in month) Mary Daly 217127
7.00pm Cancer Care Society. (1st week in month) Mr J Dewhurst 01908 377020.
7.00-8.00pm Laughter Club on 2nd week each month Cheryl Green 07729187399
7-9pm Rangers. Nikki Lake 07584028653
7.15pm Guides. Mrs Gill Lake 218091
7.30pm Whist Drive. Weeks 3 & 5 in the month. Next meeting– 16 May Judith Stanton. 823313
7.30pm No Fear Bridge Club Mrs. Susan Ford 300218.

9.30am -12.30 & 4-9pm Slimming World 
9.30, 11.30, 3.30, 5.30, 7.30. Lorrie Pearson 340473
1.15pm U3A Cinema Group. Chris Fordham 217396 
1.30pm U3A Choir. Contact Chris Fordham 217396
2.00pm U3A Book Group 1 (3rd Week in month) Contact Chris Fordham 217396
2.00pm U3A Book Group 2 (2nd Week in month) Contact Chris Fordham 217396
2.00pm U3A Photography Group 3 (1st Week in month) Contact Chris Fordham 217396
2.30pm Mother Teresa Support Group. (Alternate Tuesdays) Wool and knitting needles provided. Mrs Maureen Watling 262225 
2.00-3.30pm Tuesday Afternoon Housegroup. A social and Bible Study group. Meets alternate Tuesdays. Mrs Jean Bank 355698
6-7pm Supple Strength Yoga Amanda Alcock 07769747393
6.45 - 7.45pm Pilates Elizabeth Mason 07816 522200
7.15-8.15pm Pilates Jane Butcher 07891879571 
7.30-9pm Faith Community Church Audua Ogilvie 07547502254
8.00pm Hearts in Beds Committee (4th week in month) Mrs N Aspey 309816

10.00-2pm Open House for those with learning disabilities., their friends, family , carers and supporters 342613. 
10.00am U3A Gardening Group 3 Contact Chris Fordham 217396
10.00am Holy Communion. St. Mark’s Chapel. A half hour service followed by coffee. All welcome.
10am U3A Card Making, Chris Fordham 217396
1.15pm Social Bridge Club Mr Barnes 261811
2.00-4.00pm U3A Craft 1st week of the month. Contact Chris Fordham 217396
3.45.- 5.30pm Messy Church. (3rd Week in month). for children of lower school age and their carers. Bible-based story, crafts, singing and a meal. Next meeting 18 May Wendy Waters 401834 Jean Bank 355698
6.00pm Brownies. Mrs C Warden 219731
7.00pm Bunyan Bridge. Colin Jackson 363398 or Brian Sallows 407725.
8.00pm Tudor Reeds Folk Dance Club at St Mark’s (1st,3rd & 5th Wednesday in month). Next meeting will be 18 May Everyone welcome. All dances called, only £1 including refreshments. Rosemary 405594 or Graham 406359 for more details.
7-8pm Faith Community Church Audua Ogilvie 07547502254
8.00pm Bedford Wine and Social Club ( Week 1 in the month) Jill Cooper 357960

9-10.30am Move it or Lose It. Theresa Saunders
9.45am Chat and Play A term time group for Mums & toddlers.0-5 Contact St Mark’s Church Office 01234 342613 or Janine 01234 297481 
12pm Storybox . We welcome the under 5’s and their carers to join them between 12 noon and 1pm for a sandwich lunch followed by a Bible based story and singing. Lots of fun. Contact Jaana Swaby 342613 
2-4pm U3A Indoor Games. Contact Chris Fordham 217396
2.30 - 4.30pm Bedford Art Society 
3.15-5.15pm Social Care Solutions Music & Movement Claire Creek 262650
5.15-6.45pm Weightwatchers Claire Martin 07768481499
6-7pm Supple Strength Yoga Amanda Alcock 07769747393
7.00pm U3A Singing for Fun (1st & 3rd week in month)Contact Chris Fordham 217396
7.00pm Bedford Embroiderers’ Guild 
(3rd week in month). Carol Plant 01832710504
7.30pm Magpies LadiesGroup St Mark’s (2nd & 4th week in month ) Next meeting 12 May - Chelsea Highlights John Gibson. Contact Rosemary McNeilage 405594
7.30pm Brickhill Ladies Group St Mark’s (1st and 3rd week in month) Rita Holyoak 341228
8.00pm Bedford Writers Circle. St Mark’s (1st week in month). John Broadhouse 01525 404014

10am -12.00 U3A Photography (4th week in month) Contact Chris Fordham 217396
10.45am - 12 U3A Poetry & Literature St. Marks Contact Chris Fordham 217396
2.00-4.00 pm U3A Whist (2nd week in month) Contact Chris Fordham 217396
7.00pm-9.00pm Meditation Cheryl Green 07729187399
7.30-9pm Faith Community Church 4th week in the month. Audua Ogilvie 07547502254
7.45 - 10.45pm Bedford Astrology Club. St Marks(2nd week in month ) Carol Brown 01438 233385y

9.00am Faith Community Church (1st week in month) Audua Ogilvie 07547502254
10.00am Theatretrain Dancing acting, singing. Kate Howard 01234 782414

9.30 - 10.30 Church and Sunday School at St Mark’s with crèche for under 3’s 10 - 5.30pm 
Bedford Stamp Fayre at St. Mark’s. 1st Sunday February. Contact P Harris 01623 621143
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